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Your Company’s Well Being

Corporate Wellness is an important issue, because well employees are happy productive employees who help business succeed and thrive. Nearly 85% of American businesses have some form of wellness program in place, most often composed of guidelines for smoke cessation, weight management, fitness and back care. The corporate wellness model needs to take stress seriously due to the fact that 78% of Americans describe their jobs as stressful. Atlanta Spine Center puts on STRESS FREE DAYS to reduce stress at the work place and help corporations understand how stress affects the employees physically. By allowing your corporation to participate in Atlanta Spine Center STRESS FREE DAY you could measure the importance of a quarterly or monthly event for stress management, if you wish. This could be a great opportunity to allow everyone to get a massage and talk to a Chiropractor about stress.

The Chiropractors of Atlanta Spine Center are dedicating their time to put these events on for corporations all over Atlanta. The typical event allows everyone to receive a 10 or 15 min. massage (depends on number of employees and massage therapists needed). Then the employees fill out a stress survey, this helps the chiropractor determine if our services can help their complaint If it is determined that we may be able to help, the individual receives a GIFT CERTIFICATE good for a FREE CONSULTATIONand EXAM. This is a great opportunity for those employees to investigate these issues with no financial obligation. The best thing of all is that this is done at NO COST to the business or the employees.

Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading cause of lost workdays and workers compensation costs, OSHA is currently working on ergonomic standards for small business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD’s) account for 34% of all lost workday injuries and illness. Through these events the doctors can see how stress aggravates employees’ musculoskeletal pain and help treat them before the complaints lead to lack of productivity and absenteeism.The doctors could also help prevent further injury through ergonomics coaching. Studies have demonstrated that reducing workplace risks and exposure through ergonomics programs is the most effective way to protect workers from WMSD’s. Chiropractic and ergonomics has always been a natural match. Doctors of Chiropractic are trained in proper body mechanics and assessing for improper body positioning and motion.

Atlanta: 404.575.1300

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