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5 Signs it’s Time to Take Your Kids to a Chiropractor

5 Signs it’s Time to Take Your Kids to a Chiropractor

When people think about chiropractors, they associate it with adult patients and not necessarily kids. But the truth is, kids can benefit from seeing a chiropractor as young as 3-years old. Scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor for your kids can prevent future medical problems, and even solve current health issues your child may be experiencing.

To know if it’s time to take your kids to a chiropractor, read these five crucial signs!

  1. Your Kids Experience Headaches

If your kids experience headaches on a daily or weekly basis, giving them over-the-counter medications might cause dependency and you don’t want that to happen.  In many cases, taking your kids to a chiropractor can provide relief without medication and can help alleviate headaches.

  1. Your Kids Suffered from a Fall

It’s common for kids to fall off their bicycles, slip and fall in the school yard, and get injured while playing sports. So if your child has suffered from a physical injury and hasn’t completely recovered, chiropractic care is a healthier option rather than taking pain medication.  In most cases, basic chiropractic adjustments can help your kids recover from injuries and this way you can completely avoid the need for surgery in the future.

  1. Your Kids Have Bad Posture

Most kids carry backpacks and school totes filled with heavy text books and binders to and from school, five days a week, at months at a time.  This physical practice, especially, during the developmental years while the bones are developing, can lead to spine and limb problems causing bad posture by the time they reach adolescence.  A visit to the chiropractor while your kids are young can promote good spinal posture with a few adjustments needed.

  1. Your Kids Have Recurring Ear Infections

Kids who suffer from recurring ear infections can benefit from soft-tissue manipulative techniques applied over the neck area. Chiropractors who correct subluxations can provide symptomatic relief for Otis media by stretching the Eustachian tube and preventing bacterial infections from happening in the future. Some chiropractors believe that manipulating a child’s spine stimulates the immunity system and helps prevent infection.

  1. Your Kids Have Autism

Kids with developmental challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. During treatment, a chiropractor can apply light touch contacts at specific places along the spine that cue the nervous system to make corrective changes in functioning. The gentle light touches can stimulate sensory relaxation with kids with ASD causing a decrease in behavioral issues.

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