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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Your Back Pain Treatment Specialists

If you’re suffering from back pain, you don’t need a quick fix.  You need a solution.

At the Atlanta Spine Center, one of our specialties is in back pain treatment.  Whether your pain is constant, mild or causing you to miss out on everyday life, you deserve to find the right back pain treatment for your needs.

Reasons You May Need to Seek Back Pain Treatment

We find that patients will sometimes wait too long before they seek treatment for back pain.  This can result in unnecessary discomfort and may lead to further injury.




Some symptoms associated along with back pain that you should contact us immediately for treatment include:

  • Incontinence
  • Fever
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Pain when coughing or urinating

You should also contact us for low back pain treatment if you do a lot of lifting, pulling, or any activity that causes the spine to twist.  Even sitting at a desk all day can cause trauma to the spine if your chair isn’t adjusted properly.  Work related injuries are among the most common types of back pain that we treat.

Other reasons for low back pain result from strenuous exercise, spinal disc degeneration, or any effects from inflammation.


Why Visit a Chiropractor for Low Back Pain Treatment

The traditional methods for low back pain treatment may not be your best option.  Many studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments are the preferred choice for low back pain treatment.

The Atlanta Spine Center has over 25 years of experience in back pain treatment.  We believe that our safe, non-evasive methods provide our patients with the best possible outcome.

Traditional methods involve using dangerous drugs that don’t treat the pain but only mask it.  By seeing a chiropractor, you not only receive relief from the pain but you treat the problem causing it.

Another traditional option for someone seeking back pain treatment is surgery.  This is often considered as a risky course of action that can create other more serious problems and will also result in the use of dangerous painkilling drugs.  Surgery also involves a significant amount of recovery time causing loss of mobility and the potential to cost money in lost wages.

Chiropractic care is performed on a strictly outpatient basis and our patients find that there is no need to be absent from work.


Contact the Atlanta Spine Center Today for a Consultation

If you are in need of low back pain treatment, contact us for a consultation today.  Our staff is trained to help you to heal and make you more comfortable.  We are focused on the safest and quickest method of treatment while ensuring you receive the best care possible.

The Atlanta Spine Center is known for their extensive work and has become a primary choice for those seeking chiropractic care in Atlanta and its surrounding areas.  They treat a wide variety of patients from infants to senior citizens.

We work with you during your back pain treatment so that you receive specialized care designed to give you the best possible outcome that meet your individual needs.

Contact us today for a back pain treatment consultation.

Atlanta: 404.575.1300

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