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Massage Therapy

Many individuals suffering from lower back pain and stress seek out the healing benefits of massage therapists in Atlanta.  The effectiveness of therapeutic massage for back pain, muscle tension and spasm are well documented with massage causing little to no side effects.  The massage therapists of the Atlanta Spine Center are excellent at attending to the concerns of the client through a well balanced clinical approach.  Our talented massage professionals are licensed Atlanta neuromuscular therapists with experience in treating headaches, whiplash injuries, chronic lower back pain, sciatica, and pregnancy related back pain just to mention a few conditions.  They are also excellent at addressing the stress of a long work day or the nagging knots that seem to never go away.  These Atlanta massage therapists are experienced, cost effective, and above all caring.  Ask about how to reduce your massage costs by becoming a patient at the Atlanta Spine Center.

The best way to address back pain or spinal injuries is through a multi-disciplinary approach therefore, therapeutic massage should be included in your treatment plan.  If you are currently being treated by a physician with chiropractic, physical therapy, medication or acupuncture, ask about how to include massage therapy for quicker more sustained results.

Massage Therapy Benefits: rock-edit

  • reduce the need for medication by minimizing pain
  • enhance immunity by stimulating lymphatic flow
  • help muscles recover faster from strenuous workouts
  • increase joint flexibility and range of motion
  • reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • promote tissue regeneration and reduce scar tissue formation
  • reduce post-surgery adhesions
  • improve circulation and reduce spasm
  • release the body’s natural pain killers called endorphins
  • reduce stress and lower blood pressure


Types of Massage offered:

Therapeutic Massage/Neuromuscular Therapy:

A deep tissue massage designed to ease chronic pain and muscle fatigue.  Using a variety of techniques, this massage will increase flexibility and range of motion.

Express Neuromuscular Massage (when you don’t have a lot of time)

For maximum benefit in minimum time, this targeted and effective treatment focuses on one or two areas of the body to ease muscle tension.

Stress Relief/Office Massage: (Stress Relief Massage can also be done as Express Massage)

This treatment focuses on the most common areas of the neck, shoulders, and back where most people feel the strain of tension from sitting and stress.  It begins with deep tissue massage to address the tightest of muscles and incorporates long stroking techniques (Swedish) to increase circulation giving the body the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

Hot Stone Massage:

Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, improves circulation, releases toxins and relieves pain.  This massage is recommended for those with back pain, stress and anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and general aches and pains.

Pre-Natal Massage:

Focusing on the special needs of an expectant mother as the body experiences dramatic changes, this massage can reduce headaches, backaches, leg cramps, swollen ankles, sciatic pain and sleep issues.  (2nd or 3rd trimester only).

Sports Massage:

These specific deep tissue and stretching massages are designed to work on muscles used during athletic activity.  This massage will help increase flexibility, decrease muscle fatigue, and reduce injury associated with repetitive use.  Whether you are a professional athlete or still have a day job, this will give you an advantage on your competition.  Choose from a general sports massage or one of the following specialties:


Golf Massage

Tennis Massage


Massage Therapy Fee Schedule:

30 minute / Express Massage (actual massage time 25 min.) $40

60 minute Massage (actual massage time 50 min.) $75

90 minute Massage (actual massage time 80 min.) $110

*Add $10 for Hot Stone


Atlanta Spine Center patients receive discounted massage rates when incorporated into an office visit.


Deductible restrictions apply  

Atlanta: 404.575.1300

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