Ergonomics Consultation

We create individualized programs for increased employee productivity and reduced fatigue as well as injury through comprehensive risk assessment, the development of ergonomically focused workplace solutions, and guidelines for implementation. The Ergonomics Consultation Program is implemented by The Human Momentum Project directly to the employer’s workforce.

Our expertise in developing meaningful and measurable results is derived from leading-edge and scientifically-based processes and trends. Our programs are focused, clear and actionable, and respond to each employer’s specific risk profile.

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How we do it:

● Evaluate organizations current needs
● Assess workplace environment
● Define short and long-term goals
● Provide a clear process to administer solutions
● Implement employee training and behavioral intervention
● Provide continued support via email, website, and telephone

In addition, our systematic approach is sustainable, delivering ROI year after year after year. Employees experience increased job satisfaction, reduced fatigue and wasteful motions, and improved health, morale, and comfort in the workplace. By identifying ergonomic concerns and implementing a successful program, your company will reduce worker’s compensation claims, reduce absenteeism, decrease turnover, and increase productivity/efficiency.

Our certified ergonomics specialists can help you to:

● Identify hazards in the workplace
● Provide OSHA-compliant ergonomics analysis
● Offer specific options for solving a safety problem
● Provide employers with a written narrative summarizing our findings
● Establish or improve worksite injury prevention programs
● Help develop and implement safety/ergonomic training to employees
● Choose correct and cost effective ergonomic products
● Design stretching and strengthening exercises for specific work-related tasks

Other services offered for risk reduction:

● Onsite medical management
● Exercise programs
● Training for supervisors

Economics of Ergonomics

Implementing ergonomics as a part of the workplace can provide much more than a comfortable environment and a reduced risk for injury and illness. By identifying ergonomic concerns and implementing a successful program, you can benefit your company’s bottom dollar. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. demonstrated that every $1 invested in safety/ergonomics has a $3 to $6 return on investment.

A great ergonomics program can maximize your company’s potential for productivity and efficiency by reducing worker’s compensation claims, reducing absenteeism, and decreasing turnover. By investing in an ergonomics program, you are more likely to generate higher profits, see reductions in lost work days, and employ happier and healthier individuals, ultimately becoming an attractive employer of choice. The National Safety Council stated in 2013 that a $9-$23 billion reduction in workers’ compensation expenses can be met if we invest in ergonomics

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