Our clients are the reason we work so hard.  Our business is always focused on your wellness. Take a look at what our clients say in their own words:

As a professional in the media/entertainment arena, I don’t have time to experiment with something as important as my back care. I’ve been a patient of Atlanta Spine Center for over a year, and they are quite honestly, the best chiropractors in the game.

Atlanta Spine Center’s office is conveniently located, he has been overly flexible with my sporadic schedule. Dr. Vargas listens to my concerns and addresses each one, without making me feel as if I’m a burden. They focuses on long-term health, rather than a “band-aid” solution. Atlanta Spine Center also takes the time to know who his patients individually. Treating each patient as an individual, and understanding the patient’s lifestyle plays an instrumental part in developing a healing process that caters specifically to each individual.

I personally would recommend Dr. Vargas and Dr. Yarns to any one who wants great chiropractic care.


-Nina Brown
V-103 Radio | Producer of the Frank & Wanda Morning Show

I have been physically active all my life, mainly because both of my parents were athletes. I grew up seeking medical attention for serious injuries and learning how to deal with the aches and pains that came with subjecting your body to everything from skateboarding to basketball to martial arts. So, when I experienced tingling in my left hand over a period of a month that I couldn’t explain or stop, I researched it. I came to Atlanta Spine Center as a skeptic, armed with the knowledge of my ‘self-diagnosis’. Their tests and diagnosis revealed the same result I had”found”, but it was their confidence and professionalism that separated them from the image I had of a chiropractor. Their treatments were so effective, it was as if they could “see” through my body, directly to the point that needed adjusting. Atlanta Spine Center succeeded in educating me about the movement of my own body AND erasing the tingling in my left hand after three visits! I have taken up motorcycle riding since I’ve met Dr. Vargas and I can honestly say that, at my age, I wouldn’t be able to deal with the additional stress on my body if Atlanta Spine Center wasn’t adjusting me on a regular basis.

-Robert L. Clark

The Atlanta Spine Center’s practice is a rare blend of professionalism and commitment to the individual needs of it’s patients. Their skill at viewing the total person equips them with effective treatment of their patients. Just as important, The Atlanta Spine Center has a unique ability to improve patient lives beyond physical issues they present.

-Ron Hall
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